People remember:

  10% of what they read

  20% of what they hear

  30% of what they see



How about a presentation that is both fun AND informative? Four Winds Aerospace has a long history of presenting at conferences around the world. What does Brownian motion relate to fighter design? What does the OJ Simpson trial have to do with a space shuttle launch decision? Can aircraft performance engineering actually be interesting? Book Four Winds Aerospace for a lecture or conference and find out how a lecture on safety can engage your audience and entertain them as well!

Multi Media INstruction

Four Winds Aerospace collaborates with Avatar Partners to create leading edge training using open architecture (S100D Standard) software to create high velocity, video based microlearning available on a wide variety of platforms. 

Whether you are interested in DOD or civilian training requirements, whether you have 30 or 3,000 employees, Four Winds Aerospace can combine their expert knowledge into highly effective training catered to the unique needs of your organization. Contact us today to learn more about how we can deliver excellence to your organization!

See the below example to preview how Four Winds designed and directed a program in collaboration with Avatar Partners. 

Training - in person or online