• What are the physics behind a braking action report?
  • Does a certain runway condition always correlate to a defined level of aircraft braking?
  • What can contribute to errors in reporting?
  • What format best suits an arriving aircraft and can you deliver it?
  • How can you spot errors from pilots or airports?
  • Can conditions change to quickly for reporting and how do you mitigate those hazards?

Effective training on runway condition reporting requires a great deal more than simply knowledge and procedures.  Many of the details required for effective safety assurance in this field are not included in official guidance material. 

Allow Four Winds Aerospace and our corporate partners to design and deliver a training program for you. Learn from industry experts with detailed knowledge of the process to teach you the information you need to provide the highest level of safety above mere compliance!

We can design and deliver affordable training that will ensure you are ahead of the power curve as these new procedures take effect throughout the world as ICAO  moves towards implementation in 2020. 

Runway condition reporting